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Sliced flat bread topped with fresh diced tomatoes, basil, Italian seasoning, and balsamic dressing.

Calamari Fritti

Tender pieces fried to perfection with italian seasonings and served with marinara.

Garlic Bread

A tasty loaf of french bread cut in half, toasted with garlic butter, & served with marinara. Also available with baked cheese.

Garlic Knots

House-made dough, buttered, sprinkled with spices and baked to perfection. Served with our freshly made marinara sauce. Available in half or full dozen.

Pepperoni Rolls

House made dough stuffed with pepperoni and mozzerella cheese, baked, and served with fresh marinara.

Cheese Sticks

Half dozen mozzarella cheese sticks, battered and fried until melted inside, served with fresh marinara.

Buffalo Wings

Traditional bone-in wings served with buffalo sauce.

Specialty Wings

Bone-in wings with your choice of BBQ, lemon pepper, or garlic parmesan sauce.


As an east coaster, I’ve been looking for good pizza like back home, and I’ve found it here! Everything was awesome – bruschetta, chicken parm sub, and margarita pizza. Usually a chicken parm sub has soggy bread, and this had the perfect crisp. Overall 100/10. Will definitely make the drive back.

Danielle R.


Served with your choice of dressing: House, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Creamy Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, or Caesar. 


Layered slices of tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil and topped with balsamic dressing.

Tossed Salad

Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, shredded carrots, onion, banana peppers, pepperoncini, cucumbers, kalamata olives, & house dressing. Available in small or large servings.

Jonny's Signature Salad

Romaine lettuce, capicola salami, ham, shredded mozzarella cheese, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, olives, and banana peppers tossed in house dressing. (Add chicken or cheese.)

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, with caesar dressing.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, and caesar dressing topped with diced grilled chicken.


Where do I start with this place? I live 30 minutes away from here and if I’m not in a hurry for dinner, I’ll drive outta my way to come here. The salads are monstrous, be careful ordering those because that’ll be the only thing you eat because it’s so big! The pizza rolls and hot wings are my go-to. The beer is super cold with frosty mugs. The staff is always nice and great.

Tremechie E.


All pastas served with 3 garlic knots.


Holy $!!! this is legitimately NJ/NY pizza but in Texas. In 4 long long long years I finally found a place that has good pizza. I’m from Jersey City NJ area and we have the best pizza. Trust me this is as close as it comes. Maaaaaan I can’t tell you how thrilled me and my wife are. The friggen line should be out the door at this place!

James D.


Penne pasta, tomatoes, bacon, garlic, basil, and chicken served in our creamy alfredo tomato sauce.

Baked Lasagna

Layers of pasta, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, ground beef, and marinara baked in a dish and topped with mozzarella cheese.

Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine noodles tossed in a creamy white alfredo sauce. Available with chicken or shrimp.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Spaghetti noodles served with your choice of butter sauce or meat marinara sauce. Served with or without meatballs.

Chicken Parmesan & Spaghetti

Baked breaded chicken with Italian seasonings topped with marinara and mozzarella cheese. Served with a side of spaghetti with marinara.

Cheese Tortellini

Tortellini pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese, topped with your choice of tomato or alfredo sauce.

Cheese Ravioli

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese with choice of tomato or alfredo sauce. Topped with mozzarella cheese & baked.


We have ordered here many times and everything we get is amazing. We have had the Lasagna, spaghetti with meatballs, spaghetti with meat sauce, wings, Pizza & Philly cheesesteak with fries. The food is always hot & so so good. We typically order carry out because they are always so busy & we have never had a bad meal yet.

Dana B.


Order a signature pizza, pizza by the slice or build your own!

Signature Pizzas

Jonny’s Pizza

Plum Tomato Sauce, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, and Olive Oil.

Margherita Pizza

Plum Tomato Sauce, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic, Mozzarella Cheese, Basil, Topped with Olive Oil.

Hawaiian Pizza

Plum Tomato Sauce, Canadian Bacon, and Pineapples.

Alfredo Pizza

Parmesan Cream Sauce, and Fresh Mozzarella Cheese.

Meat Lovers Pizza

Plum Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, Hamburger, Sausage, Sliced Canadian Ham

Supreme Pizza

Pepperoni, Sausage, Hamburger, Canadian Bacon, Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Green and Black Olives, Fresh Tomatoes.

Veggie Pizza

Tomatoes, Onions, Mushrooms, Olives, and Peppers.

White Pizza

Seasoned Ricotta and Fresh Mozzarella.

Philly Steak or Chicken Pizza

Your Choice of Steak or Chicken, Plum Tomato Sauce, Mushrooms, Onions, and Peppers.

Pizza By The Slice

Available in cheese, meat lovers, veggie, alfredo, supreme. 

Build Your Own Pizza

12″ personal pizza | Giant 20” pizza | 16”x16” square pizza – Choose your toppings:

*= premium topping



Awesome place! The pizza and calzones were fantastic, the beer was cold, the service was prompt and very friendly… And the entire place was SPOTLESSLY CLEAN! What more could you ask for? Extremely happy with our visit!

Scott C.

Meatball Parmesan Sub

Baked footlong loaf of bread filled with freshly made beef meatballs, topped with marinara, parmesan, provolone.

Chicken Parmesan Sub

Baked footlong loaf of bread filled with breaded chicken topped with Italian seasonings, marinara, parmesan, and provolone.

Philly Cheese Steak Sub

Baked footlong loaf of bread filled with Philly steak, sauteed green peppers, mushrooms, onions and topped with provolone cheese.

Sausage, Pepper, & Onion Sub

Baked footlong loaf of bread filled with sliced Italian sausage, sauteed green peppers, and onions, topped with marinara and provolone.


Excellent Italian food. The Stromboli with plum tomato sauce was incredible. The Caprese salad was spot on with a very good house dressing. My Sunday evening delivery was even 45-minutes early too!

Texas 2Step

Calzones & Strombolis

Meat Stromboli

Oven-baked dough stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, Canadian bacon, bacon, and mozzarella cheese. Brushed with garlic butter and parmesan, served with marinara.

Supreme Stromboli

Oven-baked dough stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, Canadian bacon, bacon, black olives, green olives, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. Brushed with garlic butter and parmesan, served with marinara.

Build Your Own Stromboli

Oven-baked dough stuffed with your choice of toppings. Brushed with garlic butter and parmesan, served with marinara.

Cheese Calzone

Oven-baked dough stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Brushed with garlic butter and parmesan, and served with marinara

Build Your Own Calzone

Oven-baked dough stuffed with your choice of toppings. Brushed with garlic butter and parmesan, and served with marinara.


It was my 1st experience trying NY-style pizza. I tried the All Meat Calzone (5 or 6 different meats). It was good, tasty, and filling, enough for 2 people. The restaurant wasn’t crowded. TVs showing sports. Can’t wait to go back.

Tony B.


Marinara or Alfredo Sauce

Grilled Chicken

Ranch or House Dressing


Half a dozen baked ground beef meatballs served in marinara sauce


Sliced italian link sausage topped with marinara sauce


Fresh house made dough available in a small and large size


Chicken Tenders

Crispy tenders served with french fries

Kids Pizza

House-made Pepperoni or Cheese kids-sized pizza 


Spaghetti served with a choice of butter sauce, tomato sauce, meat sauce, or meatballs


Desserts come with your choice of caramel, chocolate, strawberry sauce.

New York Style Cheesecake

Creamy New York-style cheesecake with a graham cracker crust.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Creamy New York-style cheesecake topped with strawberry puree.

Mocha Cheesecake

A triple-layered chocolate cheesecake, mocha chocolate cake, and chocolate mousse, topped with whip cream.


Ladyfingers dipped in espresso liqueur, layered with sweet mascarpone, and dusted chocolate espresso powder.


Fried Italian donut with powdered sugar, and choice of dipping sauces available in half dozen or full dozen order


Cinnamon shell pastry stuffed with sweet ricotta cheese cream & chocolate chunks. Dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with caramel, chocolate, and strawberry sauce.


Fountain Drinks & Tea

Dr Pepper, Root Beer Hi-C Fruit Punch, Coke, Diet coke, Fanta Orange, Minute Maid Lemonade, Sprite and Unsweet Iced Tea.

Alcoholic Beverages

Wine and Beer available to-go and in-store. Prices and varieties vary by location.

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